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Truth Vinyl is much more than just a record store. Our ongoing social mission is to promote the arts and music in the local community.

When we started Truth Vinyl we knew we wanted to be more than just a retailer. We decided to build a stage and equip it with the best possible sound we could. This meant sacrificing valuable floor space for merchandise but we were committed to the goal of bringing new artists and music to Arlington.

Our first efforts were to start an open mic every Thursday. Thanks to the hard work of Kim Feils who manages our open mic, we now have a very robust group of artists and bands that grace our stage every week.

The next event was to create a forum for local songwriters. Round Robin was born. Thanks to Court Hoang and Joseph Fisher we have been able to enjoy some truly talented musicians of all ages. Once a month they ask a special guest to join them on stage for some candid banter and amazing musicianship. Both open mic and Round Robin are free and open to all ages.

Of course that only covers a small sample of the artists that need a public forum. As word grew of our mission and our stage more and more bands and artists contacted us to play. We donate our stage to all who ask without fees or cuts. In fact most artists simply want to be heard and most shows are free and open to all ages. We have hosted traveling bands from both coasts and large multi-band events. These usually will have a cover charge. All fees and covers go directly to the bands, so you know you are directly supporting local music when you attend.

We realize donating our stage is a small thing but our ultimate goal will be to pay the bands out of our pockets so they are fairly compensated and anyone of any age can experience live music completely free no matter who the artist is.

We hope to see you any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to See, Hear and Feel some great music. You’ll be surprised and amazed at what’s right here in your own backyard. Cheers


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682 347 4013


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